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Photo Booth Experience

The photo booth service is exactly the same you would get from an actual booth minus the expensive,heavy and bulky booth and the printer(these 2 things are what make them so expensive to buy and hire).


What we supply is a screen and a camera (set up with the DJ on his stand) with the complete photo booth software installed giving the same quality 4 pics you would expect from a booth and we also supply Props for you to use.Your DJ will then run this for you (saving again on hiring a 2nd member of staff) with all images given to you digitally and these will also be available to download by your guests off our facebook page or shared direct from there to their social media pages.


The amount of pics are unlimited and we're proposing this service from the start of your party until the end of the buffet(After this is when your party and dance-floor really get going).


What we've done is make a great addition to any party simpler to allow it to be affordable to all.This is inline with our company's core philosophy......ASY Entertainments "YOUR Function How YOU Want It"

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