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Wedding DJ


We will start your evening off by Officially introducing you both to the room, Where people can show their congratulations with applause. Also especially for your night time only guests this may be their first oppurtunity to take a picture of the happy couple.


In the early section of your evening the music will be kept at a suitable level to allow you to talk to your guests, As they will all want to know how your big day has gone.We can even use this time to keep the Children entertained with our optional services of balloon modelling and optional party games.


Then at a time agreed with you both comes the traditional parts of your wedding reception.We will quieten the guests before we announce "Ladies and Gentlemen, Please get your camera's at the ready and put your hands together, As we welcome to the dance floor for their first dance the NEW Mr & Mrs .......... ".Before the event we will liaise on every aspect of your night this will include if you want to be alone on the dancefloor for the whole of your chosen song, Or like most you would like us to invite others to join you at a suitable time during the dance.


Directly after your first dance we will play any other special tracks you may have ie Bride and Father, Groom and Mother etc.


We then come to the cutting of the cake again we do this to a song of your choice, Whilst people take photo's and congratulate you once more.


Then comes the speeches and thankyou's, This is the part most worry the most about,We will put you at ease and then direct proceedings for you by introducing each speaker and settling the crowd etc.


Unless there is other things you want to add to your night, This is then when you can finally relax as we entertain your guests and get them dancing with a playlist of suitable music, From Decades and Genres agreed before hand.



When booking us we also issue you with a Unique online planner, Where amongst other things you can select tracks to be played at your Reception from our database of over 90000 tracks.Also in your planner is a payment gateway should you wish to make any payments before your reception or you can just pay us cash on the night.




We actively encourage your guests to dance, And welcome any requests for music they may have on the evening.


As your Big day draws to a close we will play the last selection of songs pre agreed with you both,We will encourage everyone in the room to join you as you take centre stage in the middle of the dancefloor.

We will ensure your night finishes on a high as every one applaudes and congratulates you for the final time.






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